A touching "Feature Film" about a Cheetah Mother who never gives up...

Thee great movie about the famous cheetah Maleika and the challenges to care and raise her 6 cubs.  This woman and mother accomplishes the incredible!


Producer and Cinematographer:

Matto Barfuss, well-known:


UNESCO-awarded photographer


UN-Decade-Ambassador for biological Diversity

Artist and Conservationist

Cinema Start in Germany, Switzerland, Austria:

12th October 2017


World Premiere:

4th October 2017, Zoopalast in Berlin


Technical Specification:

Filmed with RED Epic in 4K and 5K high-frequency,

with revolutionary Dolby Atmos audio(!)


The Story in short:


Matto Barfuss met the cheetah, ‘Diana’, and her 5 cubs in the Serengeti in 1996. He became part of the family and for months, lived among them on his hands and knees from 1996 until 2002. In 2013, just North of the Serengeti, he came across another cheetah, ‘Maleika’. Convinced that Maleika is the great-grand-daughter of Diana, Matto made the decision to share the story of this incredible cheetah.


In 2014 Maleika gives birth to sensational 6 babies on one of the most beautiful plains of the earth, the Masai Mara. With that one of the most touching and incredible stories nature ever told come up. It‘s a story about deep love, the sorrows of a mother, misery and of letting go.... but with a "Happy End"...


"If I had written a screenplay, I couldn‘t have done it more beautiful and dramatic", Matto Barfuss confesses.


The movie is captivating entertainment in the "style of Disney" for the whole family. One will be thrilled, one will be deeply touched, one will learn that it is no option ever to give up.


The production was made in the wild without any harm to animals and nature. It is an entirely sustainable production.





Curriculum vitae

With twelve

Visual artist and  first prize of an international art contest


From fourteen onwards

First own exhibition, more art awards, later the famous UNESCO photo award


From 1987

"RockART" the artistical critical view on the society and their treatment of the environment

Surrealistic Art-Creation-Period



Art work "Barefoot-Crossing of the Alps" - performance art for the protection and preservation of the Alps. Matto crossed barefoot via rock and snow the Alps. After 270 kilometers and a after 20 days he reached the final destination in Italy. Matto utilized no civil structures and carried all his food and his sleeping-bag on his own. As artist he compared the destruction of his feet with the erosion in the Alps.



Launched his Publishing House and published various art-prints and calenders of rock-heroes of the sixties



Opening of Europe‘s  first Music-Art-Gallery


From 1992 on

"Animal Revolt" - new period of artworks and performance art


Since 1995

More than 66 excursions to Africa, numerous reportages for famous magazines worldwide (STERN, Mui Interessante, Terra Sauvage, GEO...)

Matto stays since then for at least 6 month per year in the African bush.


For 25 weeks

Accepted member in a wild cheetah family in the Serengeti. He lives on his hands and knees as "human cheetah" among the big cats. He shares their social behavior and the whole daily routine...  is unique projects makes Matto Barfuss well-known worldwide...


Since 1998

Publishes the bestseller picture-book "I was a Cheetah", published in 8 different languages so far...

Founder and President of the non-profit organization "Live for Cheetahs"

Film-production in the Serengeti for the  film "The Cheetahman"



Books "Cheetahland", "Secret Africa" and more expeditions


Since 2000

Official Representative of his Country

Opening of his own Art-House of the Big Cats in Rheinau/Germany



Initiator of the international art and culture project "Painting for Cheetahs" under the patron ship of the Namibian President and the German Minister-president

Creation of the international Art-Icon "G" as a symbol for global responsibility


August 2001

First Relocation of Cheetahs in Namibia



Production and Broadcasting of a great TV-Special by ZDF and art

"Ambassador of the Mountains" in the international year of the mountain-ranges of the UN


November 2002

Initiator and creator of a joint-venture project according to the slogan "Culture meets Economy"

Founder of the international Programme "Education for Conservation" - Matto created and published a wildlife-schoolbook for children in Africa. More than 50.000 books were printed and freely distributed. yet..

Start of the on-going documentation of all the existing Mountain-Gorilla families in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo...



Autobiography "on Quest for the Paradise" , published in Germany, China, Korea and Czech Rep,

First creation of a so called "Cheetah wine" according to the slogan "Support and Enjoy". Since then Matto created regularly his own wine to fund his Programme "Education for Conservation".



First edition of his own annual Wildlife- and Art-magazine Magazin "G"



First Expedition in the DR Congo and since then numerous  film TV-reports about the gorillas

The picture-Book "Barfuss among Mountain-Gorillas" is published in Germany, then Czech Rep.



Long expeditions in the DR Congo and conclusion of the  film-production for the  film "Gorilla-Fever", more books

Launch of the long-term  film-documentary "... with Lions through Africa"



Founding of the "Gorilla-Aid-Fund" and active support of the rangers in the gorilla-areas in DR Congo



Premiere of the documentation-project "... with Lions through Africa" as Live-Multivisionshow Premiere of the  film "The Future of the Gorillas" in Swiss TV.



Picture-book " ... with Lions through Africa", Start of the  film-production "Spotted Hunters" and "The forgotten Lions of the Bushmanland"



The Project "...with Lions through Africa became international



Appointment by the German Minister for Environment to the UN-Decade-Ambassador for biological Diversity Book and Film "The Cheetahs of the Kalahari"



Matto creates the Art-House "Planet Go" and lays the foundation for the implementation in 2014

Matto Barfuss starts his film-production in 5K for two long-term Cinema-Productions in Africa. The Film "The Wild Dogs of the Kalahari" was  finalized after a six year production period


November 2013

Matto launches the Planet-Go Cinema-Film production and Internet-TV



Matto continues the long-term study about cheetahs and lions in the Kalahari

Over months he films for his great cinema-production "Cats of Mara" in Kenya

Opening of an office in Maun/Botswana and distribution of 20.000 wildlife-schoolbooks in the Kalahari



Continuing the production of the cinema movie about Maleika with 3 more productions on location in Africa Filming in the Kalahari in 5K for a new cinema movie

Launch of the Go wild Botswana Trust in Botswana



Finalizing the cinema film in the Masai Mara and 3 more productions in the Kalahari



 Powered by Maleika

The cinema film "Maleika" supports the initiative "Green Belt Botswana". Matto Barfuss launched 1998 the non-profit organization "Leben für Geparden / Life for Cheetahs" in Germany and 2015 the "Go wild Botswana Trust" in Botswana.


The Tropic of Capricorn extends for a distance of 500 km through the South of Botswana coined by austerity and bleakness. Humans and animals there are experts in survival.


"Green Belt Botswana" will plant a line of arid-resistant trees over a period of 10 years.

This kind of landscape art will be revived by a wildlife-education program, aid against "human wildlife conflicts" and programs for the san people to integrate them in sustainable tourism.

Of course, the focus is on Maleika‘s fellows as well.


The area is also the venue of another

great cinema project of Matto Barfuss.


The initiative will be managed by the

"Go wild Botswana Trust" in close collaboration with

"Leben für Geparden e.V.", Achertalstr. 13, D-77866 Rheinau,, Phone +49 7844 911456




Maleika Film GmbH

Maleika Film GmbH

Managing Director: Matto Barfuss

phone +49 7844 911 4

Achertalstr. 13

D-77866 Rheinau, Germany